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When athletes are looking to perform at their best, they need to consider what they eat before an event. This is even more important for endurance athletes because the body needs a lot of fuel in order to keep going over long distances.

If you’re getting ready for a race or marathon, here’s what you should be eating before the big day. Peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread. Fruit salad with skim milk .Banana and oatmeal cookies .Olive oil mixed with Italian dressing.

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Olive oil mixed with Italian dressing. There are also other options for athletes to consider before a race, such as: figs dipped in honey, eggs benedict, or pasta primavera. Whatever you decide to eat the night before your event, make sure it is something that will give you energy without weighing yourself down so you can perform at your best. Remember to prepare well in advance of any major events because there’s nothing worse than feeling worn out right from the start. Fig dipped in honey – You don’t need an endurance athlete’s diet plan.


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