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A missing standoff could create what potential problem?

A missing standoff can cause a number of problems. One issue is that the screws may not tighten properly, which will result in the loss of torque and possible damage to threads or material surfaces.

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Some other issues are: screws might loosen because they’re not being held tight enough; there is no screw thread engagement for some types of fasteners, and fasteners may prematurely wear out due to lack of pressure on their heads. Now we know what can happen if a standoff is missing and it’s important to avoid creating this problem. Be sure to use the right screws for your needs, as well as having enough of them on hand!

In order to prevent a number of problems from happening with fasteners that are not held together tightly, make sure there are plenty of screws in stock at all times. It’s also worth considering the type you purchase; some types need more pressure applied than others which may cause additional wear and tear over time.

For help selecting the best screw for your project, contact our team today! The loss of torque caused by lack or proper thread engagement could result in damage to threads or surfaces. 


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