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Mistakes are unavoidable in programming. Sometimes, programmers make mistakes that could have been avoided with a little more planning and thought. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 common mistakes that programmers often make when writing loops. Hopefully, you can learn from these examples to avoid making the same mistakes as well!

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Looping is a common task for programmers that use loops. The purpose of the loop can vary, from repeating an action to iterating over items in a list or array. Below are some mistakes that many programmers often make when writing loops:

Using break instead of continuing inside the same loop will terminate all iterations and skip any remaining code until after the end of the block where it appears.

This means that if you want to exit only one iteration, then using break would be useful; however, continuing with another iteration afterwards won’t work as intended because there’s no possibility of returning back into this particular loop again! On top of this confusing functionality, breaking has been deprecated since PHP version five (PHP v.i).


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