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The manga adaptation of A Monster Who Levels Up is a webcomic about an inexperienced player who unexpectedly gets stuck in the online game Elder Tale. His character was supposed to be a mage, but he mistook it for warrior and can’t seem to get out of his newfound life as an NPC!

This blog post will give you information on this hilarious anime series and what it entails so that you too can enjoy watching this fantastic show.

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First, you should know that this anime is not a full-length series. It’s only 14 episodes long and the first episode aired on July 12th of 2017.

The second season will air in 2018 with no definite release date yet announced as of now. The story takes place inside the MMORPG Elder Tale where we follow Shiroe who has logged into some unknown world after an incident occurs to his character during the beta test period for new content updates before they are released publicly to players around Japan.

In this world, he was supposed to be a mage but mistook it for warrior when creating his character and finds himself stuck as a nonplayable NPC, from which point he begins plotting how he’ll survive in.


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