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A motorboat and a PWC are approaching head-on. What should the driver of the PWC do?

The driver of the PWC has a lot of options available to them, but they need to make quick decisions on what action is best for their safety. They can

1) Turn left quickly and hope that the other boat will go around

2) Accelerate up to ramming speed or

3) Turn right into shore in an attempt to stop themselves from being rammed by the other boat.

cruise, engine, motorboat @ Pixabay

Option One: Turning left quickly and hoping that the other boat will go around. If this is successful, it puts the PWC driver in front of their opponent as they both head away from each other. This would give them a few seconds to think about what to do next while still out on the water.

It also means that there’s less chance for injury than if they went into shore or accelerated up ramming speed – though not much difference between a collision with the side of another boat at high speeds and one from behind. The downside is that success relies on timing and luck; turning too early could lead to being rammed by an opponent who didn’t turn when expected or even reversed course! 


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