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Do you want to know the other side of the coin? The ugly, less talked about side that few people ever mention? It’s time we took a look at it. What are the tradeoffs and negative externalities of everything that we take for granted in our society today? In this blog post, I will go into detail on what these negatives are, how they affect us all individually and as a society, and how we can fix them.

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Negative Externalities and Tradeoffs: This is a complex topic that, in theory, sounds easy to understand. When I think about it too much though, my brain hurts because there are so many possibilities for what these negative externalities could be. The first thing you need to know is the difference between trade-offs and negative externalities (in short). A tradeoff occurs when something we want becomes more expensive due to another change that we also want – like tanning vs skin cancer or shorter life span with greater income. Negative externalitismes occur when other people bear the costs of our actions – such as polluting your own air by driving a car but negatively affecting everyone else’s lungs who can’t afford their own vehicle. These


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