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Neon lamps produce a variety of colors. These include red, green, blue, and purple. The type of color that is produced depends on the gas inside the lamp. Neon lamps are primarily used in advertising as they create eye-catching displays when lit up at night. The neon gas inside the lamp excites mercury vapor as it is electrically heated.

The energy from this process creates a special type of light known as an electro-luminescent glow or simply emission spectrum, which has its own distinctive set of colors. This differs from what occurs in other kinds of lamps that use phosphors to produce color such as white fluorescent lighting and LED bulbs, where electricity passing through different gases produces specific colors like blue green or red. In order for people to see the vibrant display created by a neon sign they must look straight at it so that their eyes are directly facing the tube’s surface without any obstruction between them and the glowing glass envelope containing excited plasma gas, otherwise they will not be able to


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