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You know what they say: “Do not meet your heroes.” But, in the case of network communication, we are more than happy to meet ours. In this blog post, we will discuss one-way and two-way communications. One way communication is where only one device can communicate at a time. So how does this work? Let’s find out! The conversation is set up so that one device transmits on the network segment and all other devices wait to transmit until they get a chance.

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This process continues until there is no more data to be sent over the network segment. If, for some reason, multiple devices are trying to communicate at once, the result will be collisions which cause errors in communication and may even lead to data loss. Now what about two-way communications? Two way communication allows both ends of the connection (in this case our client computer) act as clients or servers depending on whether you’re sending or receiving information from another device across a network segment – it’s like playing ping pong! This means if your computer sends out an IP packet with content A


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