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This article will cover how many usable host addresses are available with a network that has 6 bits left for host portion. The answer to this question is the number of usable hosts would be 126 or 2^6-2 which equals 126. In this example, there are six bits left for the host portion of a network.

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This means that you will have 126 usable hosts or two to the power of six minus two which equals 126. The number of usable hosts would be 126 or a span from 0-127 with no overlap. The answer can also be stated as (27 – 26) + 25 = 128, where 27 is 31 in decimal and 26 is 30 in decimal so it can be determined quickly by adding these values together then subtracting them out again with division. In binary math, when counted in ones instead of powers on each side one must start counting at zero rather than one but they both lead to the same conclusion: there are 128 total available addressable


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