A newly formed protostar will radiate primarily at which wavelength? It is a difficult question, but some people believe that it will emit light in the infrared spectrum. They have found evidence of this in circumstellar disks that are close to an active star-forming region. The infrared emissions are thought to be from embedded protostars. Infrared is a longer wavelength that can penetrate dust and gas, so it would make sense for it to be the primary radiation emitted by newly formed stars in these environments. Another possibility of which type of light will radiate primarily at wavelengths is ultraviolet (UV). Some astronomers believe that UV rays should also emit prominently because they have found evidence of young low-mass early-type stars emitting mostly ultrasoft x-rays and far ultraviolet light on Earth’s sky. They feel this is due to their larger hydrogen envelope being exposed as they age, leading them to conclude that high energy photons could dominate the spectra when new stars form. These types of interpretations show how scientists continue seeking


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