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In this blog post, a nurse is describing the effects of being on bed rest for an extended period of time. She talks about how it can affect everything from your mood to your immune system and even your sleep cycle.

nurse, medicine, doctor @ Pixabay

She also talks about the best way to prepare for being on bed rest and how it can help you get back into a normal routine. The following is an excerpt from this blog post: “This means that your sleep cycle will be disrupted, with more time in deep sleep instead of REM (dream) stages.” In conclusion, she offers some advice to those who are going through or have gone through periods of extended bed rest – don’t let yourself go! Keep up with work if possible and try not to increase stress levels by over-thinking things. She says “If all else fails, just take care of yourself!” So remember – no matter what happens during these few months of forced relaxation, at least you’ll come out


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