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When a new mother has not resumed breastfeeding after the first day postpartum, it is wise to assess for any medical or psychological reasons. If the patient reports no problems with breastfeeding and wants support with increasing milk supply, the nurse would provide information about increasing breast milk supply naturally. The nurse would answer any questions the patient has about increasing breast milk supply naturally and teach her how to do it. The nurse may educate on: herbal supplements, nutrition for a breastfeeding mother, vitamins that stimulate lactation or alleviate mastitis symptoms and medications available through prescription. Solutions like these are not only more affordable than costly medical interventions but also have fewer side effects; which makes them an excellent first course of action when supporting mothers who want to increase their milk supply naturally after baby. Conclusion: When a new mom experiences difficulty with breastfeeding from day one postpartum, she should be assessed medically and psychologically before proceeding into other treatment options as there could be reasons why she is not nursing such as fatigue or soreness in


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