infusion, chemo therapy, chemo @ Pixabay

The nurse has been assessing the school-age child with an infratentorial brain tumor. The first thought that comes to mind is how she wishes this was a rare occurrence. But unfortunately, it’s all too common.

infusion, chemo therapy, chemo @ Pixabay

Let’s talk about what I know about infratentorial brain tumors and see if we can get you some answers! An infratentorial brain tumor can be either a benign or malignant neoplasm that is located in the ventricles, cerebrospinal fluid spaces, and underneath parts of the skull. Infratentorial brain tumors vary from low-grade cellularity (low-level growth) to high-grade cellularity (high-level growth).

Some patients may exhibit no symptoms at all while others will have intense headaches which cause vomiting and pain with eye movement. If left untreated, an infratentorial brain tumor can lead to respiratory failure, paralysis on


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