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It’s a nurse’s duty to care for their clients, and that includes administering the necessary treatments. Parenteral nutrition is one of those treatments. This article will provide some tips for how to administer parenteral nutrition. A nurse’s tips for administering parenteral nutrition.

doctor, medical, medicine @ Pixabay

-Always wash hands before and after any contact with the client, their equipment, or supplies. -Don’t reuse needles; dispose of the hypodermic needles in a puncture-resistant container labeled “sharps.”

-If you are going to administer IV fluids through a peripheral line (like an arm), use alcohol prep pads to cleanse the skin around the insertion site. Use alcohol tincture if needed on top of the pad. Clean all surfaces that will touch contaminated fluid using a cleanser (chlorhexidine) or soap and water for at least 30 seconds each. Make sure hands are dry when touching sterile items such as syringes, gloves, tubing, etc.

-If you are going to administer IV fluids through a central line. Cleanse the skin around the insertion site with alcohol prep pads and follow the steps above.

-Don’t reinsert a needle that has been used for parenteral nutrition at any point other than 0 minutes (beginning of treatment). Don’t ever inject substances other than parenteral into the tubing set.

Injections must be administered slowly over three to five seconds. By pressing the plunger until resistance is felt before withdrawing it completely from the syringe barrel. Then pull back on the plunger so that fluid comes out in even amounts without spurting or dripping. 


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