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As a nurse, caring for clients with wounds is one of your main responsibilities. In this blog post, we will cover the basics of wound irrigation and explore how to care for patients who have been prescribed wound irrigation as part of their treatment plan. Wound irrigation is the process of gently washing your client’s wound with a sterile saline solution.

wound, wounds, wounded @ Pixabay


This helps to clean and rinse away bacteria that may build up on their skin during healing. These are called exudate or purulent drainage.

The primary goal for filling wounds can be summarized as clean, dry dressings. To ensure this point of care principle occurs, you will need to wash out any debris from the incision site before applying topical ointment and wrapping it with bandages (or gauze). Be sure not to wrap too tightly so long as there isn’t an open area on the dressing where fluids could leak out. 


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