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Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that can be given in the hospital or at home. It has been shown to improve survival rates and reduce the risk of recurrence for certain types of cancers, including breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and head and neck cancers. However, radiation therapy can also have side effects on other parts of your body as well.

In this blog post we will explore how radiotherapy affects the mouth, if you are receiving radiation therapy for head and neck cancers, it is possible that your mouth will be affected. Radiation can cause pain in the mouth, irritation of tissues lining the oral cavity or inflammation of salivary glands which produce saliva.

All these symptoms may lead to difficulty swallowing food, your dentist should check on how much your teeth have moved due to radiation treatment because this could damage them permanently if not corrected promptly.

Your dentist might also recommend installing a dental bridge or other type of tooth replacement device before any more permanent problems arise from dentures that do not fit correctly anymore Caveat: Please consult with an expert before making changes to the following content as they go beyond basic short form editing skills. Smaller


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