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This blog post is designed to help nurses care for their patients with multiple sclerosis. It contains a list of resources that will be helpful in taking care of these patients, including the steps for physical assessment, and information about communicating effectively with them. Summary: This blog post provides nurses with information to help care for their patients who have multiple sclerosis. It includes a list of resources and tips about how to communicate effectively with them.a nurse

– A nurse is caring for a client who has multiple sclerosis – These clients are prone to fatigue, as well as nerve damage that can affect sensation in the legs or arms – There are several things nurses should keep an eye out for when taking care of these patients including bowel and bladder issues, sensory changes, cognitive impairment, gait problems from ataxia (lack of coordination), weakness on one side of the body due to spasticity (muscle tightness) which may also cause difficulty speaking because it affects laryngeal


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