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An is a chaotic place. People are coming in with all kinds of medical issues and needs, and nurses are expected to take care of them as quickly as possible. Sometimes patients can be unruly or combative due to the pain they’re experiencing or from being stressed out about their situation. On top of that, it’s not uncommon for people to enter the ER who might not have insurance coverage and refuse treatment because they fear their bills will become unmanageable if they need extensive care. In this blog post we’ll discuss some strategies for dealing with unruly patients in the emergency room! Nurse Tip # x: try to calm down combative patients with soft, reassuring words and reassurance. Show them that you’re there for them by checking their pulse and asking about their pain levels until they relax a little bit. Nurse Tip # y:

never touch a patient forcefully unless it’s absolutely necessary because this can escalate the situation quickly. If needed, have other staff members help restrain or hold unruly patients in place so they don’t fall on their own out of fear! The emergency department is chaotic enough as it is without having to deal with an angry client who refuses treatment but might actually need medical attention! Follow these tips from nurses who see all kinds of situations every day – our team knows


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