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Clients prescribed lithium often have a difficult time following instructions. They may need special care during their stay with us in order to ensure they are able to take their medications and maintain good health. This blog post will discuss how we can help clients on lithium so that they can enjoy our services as much as possible! -What sets lithium patients apart? They are more likely to be noncompliant, have mood swings or depressive episodes. Signs of these behaviors may include:

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manic speech patterns, increased goal directed activity and energy levels that don’t match their physical health status. They can also exhibit a predisposition for suicide ideation and/or suicidal behavior so it is important to know the signs in order to prevent this from happening! -When caring for clients prescribed with lithium we must ensure they are taking their medication as instructed by monitoring drug levels on regular basis. This will help us avoid side effects such as nausea, tardive dyskinesia (TD), weight gain or generalized hyper salivation among others which could occur when not


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