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I was caring for an elderly woman who had just undergone a blood transfusion. The patient became restless and started complaining of feeling lightheaded. She also looked pale, so I checked her pulse. it was racing with a rate over 180 beats per minute.

The client’s symptoms were reminiscent of something called Fangirlism, which is characterized by palpitations and chest pain caused by emotional excitement or stress (usually in response to one’s favorite entertainment). Fangirlism is the female equivalent of fanboyism- but it doesn’t seem to have as many sufferers as its male counterpart, one of the nurses asked if she was a fan of any particular celebrity.

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I had to inform him that this patient’s favorite singer was Elton John and her favorite band Queen, but they are both male! The nurse laughed at his own silly mistake- he thought all female fangirls were obsessed with Taylor Swift or One Direction. This is not always the case though- Courtney Love from Hole is one example who isn’t! Luckily, after taking some medicine for anxiety and chest pain, our client calmed down enough to finish out her blood transfusion before heading back home. Both me and my fellow nurse learned something new today about being an RN in terms of caring for patients who have fangirlish tendencies when it comes.


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