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Parenteral nutrition is the delivery of nutrients via a catheter into the body. This type of feeding is commonly used in patients that have difficulty with eating or those who are unable to eat.

There are many safety considerations when providing this type of care, which we will talk about today. When preparing the parenteral nutrition, be sure to check for any leaks in the tubing or on the skin. If there are any visible signs of leakage, discard that bag. Keep oxygen nearby when administering this type of feedings because it is possible for an air embolism to occur if too much fluid enters a vein.

Furthermore, monitor your client’s breathing and heart rate throughout administration. Air bubbles can cause serious problems so pay attention. Do not use plastic catheters as they can leak and bacteria could enter through these holes. If you have any more questions about safety considerations with PN please contact our nursing staff at [email protected]


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