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In this blog post, we are going to go over the importance of active range of motion for hospitalized patients. We will discuss how it helps with healing and what the benefits are. You will also find links at the bottom of the page that provide a list of exercises and stretches you can do to keep your joints mobile while you’re in bed or sitting on your couch watching TV.

Nursing 101: Active Range Of Motion for Hospitalized Patients Active Range Of Motion: Active movement is essential for recovering from illness or surgery. It increases blood flow which promotes tissue repair, lowers swelling, improves circulation, relieves pain by stretching muscles and ligaments (skeletal system), boosts energy levels, reduces depression etc.

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For example when not moving during an extended period of time such as being ill in bed, our joints are less mobile and the cartilage becomes stiff. When not moving for a prolonged period of time we also experience muscle atrophy or wasting away which makes it hard to do certain tasks when we eventually return back home. Benefits: The benefits of active range of motion while hospitalized include improved joint mobility, decrease in swelling and pain from stiffness/atrophy etc.

The links below provide videos that show you how to perform exercises and stretches at various angles on your own bed or couch. – Alternate leg stretch – Sitting with bent knees (Sitting Quadriceps) – Knee Flexion Stretch – Hamstring Stretches (Lying Down) – External Thigh Rotations Laying Over Bed Pill.


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