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The epidural hematoma is bleeding into the space between the skull and outer covering of the brain. The blood pools in this area, causing pressure on the brain. This can lead to significant disability or death if not treated quickly with surgery.

We need to create a plan of care for this infant so that we are able to help him get better as soon as possible. To help reduce pressure, we need to get the blood out of the area between his head and brain. One way that can be done is by injecting a fluid called “saline” into this space to force it out. This will only happen if he has enough time without any new bleeding occurring. Another treatment option for epidural hematomas is surgery with an operation called craniotomy or burr hole craniectomy. This involves removing bone from around the spinal cord so that surgeons can reach the clot inside safely and remove as much tissue as possible before replacing any pieces back in place securely after cleaning up all clots on surface of brain matter (subdural). After that, they use metal plates and screws.


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