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Nursing is a profession that requires hard work and dedication. As nurses, we are often exposed to some of the most difficult situations imaginable. Yesterday, I was performing eye irrigation for a client when there was an explosion at the nearby hospital.

The ash from the fires came in through open windows on one side of our building, so I had to move quickly to protect my client’s eyes from any harmful chemicals while still providing them with care. It can be overwhelming but this type of situation only makes me proud to be a nurse because it shows that no matter what happens or how tough it gets, nursing will always prevail.

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This blog post is about the importance of nurses and how they are always there to provide care for their patients. Nurses step up when no one else will. As a nurse, I make it my priority to stay calm and collected as much as possible in order to be an example for others. When we come across difficult situations like fires or any other natural disasters, all staff members need to work together while maintaining a positive attitude so that everyone can help out without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

That’s why I’m sharing this story with you today: because if anyone needs some motivation during these trying times, reading our stories might just do the trick! It was hard day yesterday being exposed to smoke which made me feel extremely exhausted.


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