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In the world of cancer care, there are many options for treatment. One of these is a modified radical mastectomy, which is surgery to remove all breast tissue and some skin from above the nipple line.

This type of surgery can be done with or without reconstruction; it just depends on your needs and preference. The goal is to have you feel as good as possible after going through this procedure. Here are some tips for prehabilitation care before undergoing this operation. If you are a smoker, stop smoking. Switch to an all vegetarian diet if possible. You may also want to consider taking vitamin B12 supplements before surgery as well as adding acidophilus and folic acid to your regimen in order to promote healthy gut bacteria levels.

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Take time off work or other obligations for recovery purposes, unless you have written documentation from your employer that they support modified radical mastectomy patients returning early after the operation.

If this is not the case, prepare yourself financially by setting up flexible spending accounts prior to undergoing modified radical mastectomy so that financial burdens related to healing can be covered with preauthorized deductions of salary from each paycheck federal tax dollars set aside during yearly income taxes filing date.


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