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Questions should be raised when a nurse is asked to order heating pads for a client. There are many reasons why it might not be the best treatment option, and they include:

  • The client has an allergy or sensitivity to heat
  • The client has circulatory or respiratory problems that make them more susceptible to using heat therapy
  • The client had surgery in the area of their pain
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The nurse should talk to the doctor or healthcare provider in charge of ordering a heating pad for clarification. Sometimes it might not be necessary, but if so, then there are other types of heat therapy that can provide relief without risking harm to the client.

-hydrotherapy -warm bath (with Epsom salts) -hot/cold compress on the prescribed area -ice pack over the prescribed area (for 15 minutes every hour) -massage with oil or lotion mixed with essential oils -heating pads plus ice packs together on top and bottom parts separately to reduce swelling and pain from injury or surgery.

This is typically done after surgeries like knee replacement. 


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