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A nurse who commits an error that is a minor incident can be at risk of losing their job. That’s because the media has set expectations for nurses to follow protocol and anyone who fails to do so will face consequences.

To avoid this, it is important for every nurse in training to know how they should respond when they make a mistake. This article outlines the 10-second rule in detail, showing you what to do when you make a mistake as a nurse!

Keywords: nursing mistakes, what to do when you make a mistake as a nurse The rest of the long-form content should be written in paragraphs. Do not write numbers or bullet points. The first thing you should do is apologize.

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A simple “I’m sorry” goes a long way for your patient and for yourself too. Ideally, they’re not angry with you – if they are then say nothing until after speaking with them about it later on or contacting their loved ones if needed.

If they seem calm, just let them know that we understand how upsetting this must be and that we will try to fix the situation right away so no one gets hurt again… Physical injury from an error is very rare but some patients can experience emotional trauma which lasts much longer than any physical wounds would have done.


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