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Every day, nurses initiate IV infusions in patients. When they do this, it is a success for both the patient and the nurse. This is because an IV infusion provides many benefits to the patient including hydration, medication administration, and relief of symptoms such as pain or nausea. It also helps with healthy digestion by supplying nutrients intravenously instead of through oral intake.

The infusion process can be complicated but there are some things that will make your life easier if you are new to initiating an IV line on a patient. In this blog post, we will go over how to take care of yourself before starting an IV infusion so that you can give 100% attention to your patient once you start! Put on a hospital mask and gloves before you start the IV to avoid cross-contamination.

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Before doing anything, check that your patient is in good health – if they are not then do not proceed with starting an IV infusion! You always want to be sure of their safety first! This article does mention how infusions help patients but it doesn’t go into detail about what problems can arise from inflating an iv line or any other process for that matter.

The blog post would benefit more by mentioning these obstacles so people know what might happen when trying this task. This way readers will have a better understanding of why they should take extra care and precautions during this procedure. 


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