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A packet analyzer is a program that can enable hackers to do all of the following except for:

1. find out what websites you have visited

2. see your passwords in plain text

3. steal and sell your credit card information

4. find out what software you are running

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The only thing a packet analyzer cannot do is steal or sell your credit card information. However, if you have ever used an online shopping website and entered your credit card number into the payment form on that site, then there was a very good chance that at least one of those packets has been captured by someone with enough skill to use it against you!

A hacker could also find out what software you are running by looking for known vulnerabilities in programs like Java, Flash Player, PDF Reader etc. If they know how to exploit these weaknesses then once again it’s game over! They will be able to take control of your computer remotely without any need for physical access – kind of scary isn’t it? 


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