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Is your website form generating any leads? If you’re not sure, take a look at the source code. Even if you have an online contact form, there is always room for improvement. Here are 15 tags that pages can use to generate more leads and make it easier for visitors to submit their information. #1:

#2: #3: (http://ww.example.com/contact-us” method=”get”> #2: #3: # *body of content follows. * Please note: some inputs may require additional fields, such as password or phone number. Please use your discretion to only enter those sections that are relevant for your form and omit the rest. The following is a template that can be used when constructing an online contact form with Google Forms: – Name (required) – Email Address (required) – Message subject – Message textbox A confirmation message box will appear if everything has been filled out correctly; otherwise, validation errors will display below this section in red font. If after submitting you see a “Thank You” page then all went well! This article on website form tags was written by {your name}. Contact me


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