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This is a blog post about hypothetical invitation strategies. It has to do with how many invitations you should send out for an event, and it goes in depth into the number of people that actually show up. Keywords: party, hypothetical, invitations Number of Words: 448 words. This is the content for this blog post. The first sentence can be written like:

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How many invitations should you send out? There are a few strategies that may work well, depending on what your needs are and what kind of feedback you’re looking to get from people who attend the event. To make sure no one feels left out, send an invitation to everyone in your contact list not just those closest friends or family members. You’ll want to keep it short though so as not to go overboard with words and fill up someone’s inbox unnecessarily.” The next sentences will talk about how some invitees might feel overwhelmed with all these invites coming their way while others might appreciate knowing they were invited too even if they don’t show


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