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In this blog post, we will discuss Rebel Without a Cause. In the opening scene of the film, Jim Stark is on his motorcycle in front of a Los Angeles police car and he’s being chased by two policemen who are trying to arrest him.

This is where our story begins. Jim is a rebel without a cause, but we find out that he’s fighting for his very own cause and justice. Themes: A Rebel Without a Cause explores the life of Jim Stark by following him through various events in his life.

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He starts off as an individual who does not conform to social norms or professional behavior. The film itself questions what it means to be “rebellious” because so many rebellious acts are often seen as negative behaviors like vandalism or theft.

However, there is also another side of rebellion where people fight against injustice and get involved with movements such as civil rights protests and anti- war demonstrations. In this case they may end up getting arrested themselves which could lead them down the same path as Jim Stark.


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