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YouTube ranks second in the world in terms of traffic. More and more Internet users learn information in the format of video. That is why YouTube can become a powerful channel for attracting new customers. The number of channels of private entrepreneurs, agencies, and large companies is growing every year. The YouTube promotion allows them to express themselves, to inspire the trust of viewers, and in general, to introduce the brand or services.

In this article, we will consider the methods of video promotion working instantly and from a long perspective.

Internal and external optimization

Channel optimization allows your videos to get not only in YouTube itself but also in the main Google search results.

Use special plugins to find out which tags fit your theme. Use keywords in your title that are most popular in searches and include tags in the description of the video.

The decisive factor for the success of your video is the cover. It should be bright, in contrasting colors, it should include your photo sessions, large text to interest from the first seconds. Analyze your competitors and develop a design to be separated from the masses. You can delegate this task and use the services of a freelance designer.

The behavioral factor in video promotion

The main metric that you need to focus on is how much time a person spends on the platform. YouTube needs viewers to stay on the platform, so choose the optimal duration from 10 to 15 minutes.

The relevance of your videos is important. The content should be relevant and interesting. In order to do this, study your target audience and make content that meets their expectations.

To increase audience retention, make your videos dynamic by changing angles, using inserts, etc. The first 30 seconds are very important during which you need to interest the user. The element of audience retention is the structure of the video. Use your topic of expertise, think about the pain of your clients, use a call to action in your script. The more reactions you have for a video, the greater the likelihood that YouTube will promote current content.

A rapid rise of video popularity 

At the first stages of promotion, you can buy real YouTube views in a short period of time. In the first place, it will create the effect of social proof and, as a result, a trusting first impression. People are more loyal to popular personalities, if they are watched by the majority, then there is a large level of benefit. Numbers and statistics are the best arguments in this case.

Secondly, you will provide a start impulse for the platform algorithms and launch the natural scaling process.

To sum up, the promotion of video content includes both distribution work and work on behavioral factors. You need to plan promotion in a complex: develop qualitative content, optimize videos, buy YouTube views, track statistics. Approach promotion in terms of regularity and discipline, and remember that the results are visible in the distance.


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