When compared to the amount of new users and active viewers, significantly more people are pursuing their dream of being a content producer or influencer. This is one of the reasons why, on average, huge profiles have a lower Engagement Rate (likes and comments/number of followers) over the last year. In a single word, the competitive environment.

But that’s enough for now; I’ll go into greater detail about this in a future piece (The Falling Engagement Rate), so stay tuned!

Now, with today’s Instagram algorithm, we’ll delve deeper into various techniques for growing a profile’s number of followers, both private and business.

You could assume it’s polite to just follow everyone who follows you, but do you genuinely follow profiles that help your industry change? Those who cover the industry’s latest news, trends, market moves, and prospects?

Perhaps if you are not a “fan” of these individuals, bear in mind that their words and postings may spark an idea in you, or provide inspiration for a new image, meme, phrase, or even a whole new angle to investigate. Many Instagram users have increased their following by appealing to a celebrity fan, or even the celebrity personally.

It’s all about the timing.

If you submit your picture too late, your free Instagram followers may not be able to see it in their news stream the next day. As a result, it makes no difference when you upload your image or how many you post at once.

– If you have three pictures to submit, take your time and do not post them all at once. If there are numerous images in a row, each image receives fewer likes. As a general rule, you should post no more than five images per day, but you should do so in a timely manner and not wait too long between each snap. After 10 p.m., the chances of getting free Instagram likes are slim, so wait till then.

Instagram now ranks the best profiles at the top using its own search engine optimization algorithm.

How do you know whether you’re the best?

RELEVANCE, CONTINUITY, and QUALITY are the three most important factors.

But what exactly does this imply? This implies you’ll need to include precise keywords in your Instagram profile, particularly in your bio.

If your niche is “training inspiration,” and you mention “training inspiration” several times in your bio and captions, Instagram will automatically show your profile to those who have expressed interest in this niche and are actively searching for training inspiration, as well as those who already follow profiles with similar characters.

Why does it function this this?

Instagram’s search engine will look for terms in your profile. The engine recognizes that Instagram followers free who follow experts in the field are more likely to engage with your content (Relevancy score). This could result in additional views of your profile, both organically and through sponsored placements, as a result of exploring, subject hooks, and paid placements.


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