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Content creators platform are born and bred to create unique, comprehensive content that people love. But what happens when they’re feeling stuck? What if they’re wondering why and how to improve their work? How do they know what paths to take in order to become more productive and earn more money?”

Ever felt like you were just spinning your wheels, trying hard but not getting anywhere with your writing or art or whatever else you set out to do? If so, you’re probably not alone — millions of people have been there before. In fact, a recent study found that 90% of artists struggle with getting started on their projects.

The problem is that many artists — and even content creators generally — have an unrealistic idea of how hard it really is to get something done. In fact, the harder you try to create a piece of work, the less likely it is that you’ll actually do it. That’s why we’ve explored thousands of articles, books, and other resources to put together a comprehensive list of productivity tips for the Content creators platform.

It’s not easy to break through your tendencies and actually work from a place of inspiration and flow. But by learning about how other people have overcome this hurdle, you can learn how to go about doing so for yourself.

Here are the top 101 ways we’ve found to overcome procrastination, stay motivated and keep creating great content.

1. Get A Daily Routine

“Psychologist Brian Tracy writes that the way to become more productive is to create a daily routine that includes a balance of rest and work, both physical and mental exercises, and a set time for recreation.'”

You’re not going to make it through your day with only the amount of hours in a day. Set aside certain times where you’re going to focus on your main passions or goals so you can get them done before you run out of time.

2. Work In Smaller Increments

“According to Tim Pomfret, an author, and professor at The University of Vermont, we should be working in 10-minute increments for the first 45 minutes of a workday and 20-minute increments the rest of the time. Pomfret also suggests that you spend a 20-minute block of uninterrupted time once every two hours to better focus on objectives.”

This is another great reason why so many people struggle with productivity: because they try to do too much in too much time.

When you’re working on something, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and try to tackle all of your goals at once. Taking smaller steps is more manageable and will allow you the time to focus on each piece of work before moving on to the next. This kind of attention is what allows for a more profound sense of satisfaction when you complete something.

3. Validate Your Work

“You must validate that what you’re making is not only possible but will be valuable and bring in money.” — Allison Kim

It’s easy to forget how much we rely on validation when building out new content or ideas. If you’re creating something new, you’ll have to imagine how it’s going to be received by the people who view it.

If you’re unsure about something, show it to friends or colleagues before posting it online. You’ll get invaluable feedback and see whether or not your ideas are worth pursuing further.

4. Always Have Something To Do

“When work piles up, we can become so behind that we are easily overwhelmed, drained, and bored with what we’re doing.” — Mary Beth Magill

The biggest reason that so many people fall into a slump is that they run out of useful tasks in their lives.

First of all, work on yourself so that you’re feeling happier and more in control. If you aren’t making progress, then you’re going to become overwhelmed and stagnant when you finally do take on a project. You need to have something to do with yourself otherwise the thoughts of skillful self-improvement will become too overwhelming.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

“It’s always helpful to remember that there’s no one else who does what you do better than you, nor is there any other one person in the world who does what you do at all better.” — Gretchen Rubin

People make it really easy for themselves by focusing so much on comparing themselves to others. For example, some people will feel disappointed if they don’t make as much money as a friend of theirs, or become discouraged and stuck if they can’t appear all that innovative or creative.

We’re so quick to compare ourselves to others that we forget that there are entirely unique ways you can improve yourself. You shouldn’t just be trying to achieve things like everyone else but rather do it in a way that makes you happy. If you’re truly happy with what you’re doing, then those around you will benefit from your skillful approach and the business or project will seem more appealing and valuable.

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