For many years, the global casino industry has ranked as one of the fastest-growing sectors. Did you know that there are more than 9,000 casinos in the world? You can find these establishments in almost every country. 

The countries where you are likely not to find a casino include those primarily Muslim and those located in remote island locations where tourists rarely visit. In China, you’ll only find casinos in Macau, which is the only place where gambling is legal in the country. 

Which Countries Have the Most Casinos?

This article will uncover countries that have the highest number of casinos worldwide. 

United States

With a national population of approximately 330 million, it’s no surprise that the United States of America ranks first in countries with the most casinos. The number of casinos in these countries is higher than the following ten states combined. According to a report by World Casino Directory, there are roughly 2,107 casinos in the entire US. 

Almost every state in America has a casino. Nevada, where Las Vegas is situated, has about 360. The three states that don’t have any casino establishments include Hawaii, Utah, and Alaska. The United States employs more than one million people in the gambling industry. It has more than 900,000 slot machines throughout the state. 


Gambling may not be the first thing you think about when someone mentions Canada. However, this country is just as enthusiastic about this form of entertainment as its southern neighbor. Canadians love an occasional gamble in brick and mortar casinos and gambling parlors. You may also find them gambling in bars and restaurants in a few provinces. 

Canada boasts more than 200 casinos. Combined, these establishments have over 2,200 table games and more than 76,000 slot machines. The gambling market size in this country currently averages around US$12 billion, which is a drop from 14 billion due to the pandemic. 

United Kingdom

If there’s another country that boasts a high number of casinos, it’s the United Kingdom. This country has over 150 land-based casinos. A large chunk of them are in England, and more so in London. There are roughly 25 casinos in London alone. 

Most casinos in the UK are owned and operated by the same companies. Grosvenor Casinos, Gala, and Genting Casinos are the largest casino operators, with Grosvenor running 52 casinos. Combined, these three operators own close to three-quarters of all casinos in the UK. 


One interesting fact about casinos in France is that they are not only flashy and lavish, but gilded in historical importance. Many people believe that blackjack and roulette originated from this country.

France is home to more than 180 casinos, the largest being Lyon Vert Casino. This country boasts some of the oldest yet most famous casinos in Europe. A few of them include Casino Le Croisette based in Cannes, Casino Barriere de Deauville and Casino de Biarritz. 


Touristic Mexico is another favorite destination for international gamblers and gaming enthusiasts. This country has more than 200 casinos, with some of the best ones being Diamonds Casino, Arenia Casino, and Hideaway. Caliente Casino Hipodromo de Tijuana is the largest casino establishment in this country. 

A majority of the casinos in Mexico are small compared to those in the United States and other developed countries. They don’t come attached to a hotel. Many punters in this country play slot machines, while poker and table games aren’t big in Mexico. 

Closing Remarks

Casinos rank as one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide. Even though the digital form of gambling is finding its footing in today’s world, land-based casinos are still as popular as ever.


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