Starting a business with your savings and improving the quality of life for you and your family is the dream of every entrepreneur taking his first steps. After establishing a business, you face reality and realize that it is not as easy as it seemed in your imagination. The lack of sales, problems in the operation and administration, and of course, the competition are factors that affect the development of your business.

Business owners should deal with all these problems and the extraordinary circumstances that day-to-day life presents. One of the most relevant aspects is to find a way for your business to become more competitive and open space in the market with the right strategies. You have the talent, but you must make it visible so that customers come to you.

To fulfill this purpose, it is time to implement actions that enhance the qualities of your business. If you do not have the capital to make this investment, find out how to get a business loan and start working. Here are five excellent practices to make your business more competitive and achieve better profits:

1. Research your competition and find out what makes them unique

A fundamental part of market research is to know your competition in depth. This includes the good practices that make them stand out and the mistakes that are windows of opportunity for your business. It is not a matter of researching and copying what the competitor does; it is necessary to adapt it to your company’s personality, philosophy, and values. 

Considering that competition must improve all those involved, times of disloyal actions among competitors are in the past.

2. Create a marketing strategy that focuses on your strengths

According to information collected by the Iron Paper, 49.7% of small businesses spend only two hours a week on marketing. A company that does not advertise is doomed to failure. Implementing a plan, strategies, and minor marketing actions constantly is the way to get more potential customers.

Using resources such as local digital marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, and even traditional marketing by participating in events in your community is the way to achieve more incredible notoriety. If you don’t have the time to do this, you can hire specialized agencies that can do it for you. Get capital through small business loans and become a referent company in your community.

3. Offer incentives to customers who refer their friends or family members

Word-of-mouth recommendations are the ones that generate the most significant growth because they are organic, they are based on the reputation of the person who makes them, and, above all, they are the most real and economical in terms of the benefits they provide. Generating referral programs is a strategy that allows you to pamper your current customers and get new consumers quickly and easily.

4. Train your employees to provide excellent customer service

78% of consumers have backed out of purchase due to a bad experience in the sales process. Training your staff to serve your customers is fundamental for a company’s success. It is not enough to attend a store and wait for the customer to buy; it is necessary to know products and services in-depth, be empathetic with visitors’ requirements, and generate solutions to their problems and needs.

An effective training process will generate expenses that may be out of budget, go to small business loans to get capital and give your team the resources and tools to excel in their work and make your company shine.

5. Latest industry trends and changes in the business world

People’s needs changed radically due to the pandemic; consumers began to worry more about their wellbeing, take care of their health, enjoy their family, and above all, not waste a single second in meaningless activities. Faced with this scenario, companies must meet these needs by facilitating access to their services, the use of technology, delivery service, and fast and effective customer service are trends that should not be overlooked.

Implementing improvement, development, and growth processes within companies is vital to achieving solid businesses with a vision for the future. Starting these projects will imply an investment of time and money, turn to small business loans and make growth a permanent habit in your organization.


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