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Moving home can be a massive task, and even more so when you are looking to relocate from one state to another regardless of whether it is a joint decision or whether it has come due to working arrangements. However, there are some very important preparations that you will need to carry out first and foremost before you get swept up in the excitement of a new pad.

The importance of a viewing vacation

Although you can view properties online now via video links or even 3D video layouts provided by the real estate agents, there is nothing as good as going to view a property in person. For instance, each and every property has a different feel, smell, and neighborhood. All of these things are very important when you move, and you will not be able to assess any of them via video.

This is why it is important to set up a viewing vacation, especially if you are moving a fair distance away from where you currently live. Whether you choose to book yourselves into a hotel or an Air B&B is totally up to you and will depend on your budget.

Choosing some properties to view before you leave home is a good idea that way, you will not be wasting any of your valuable time trying to decide which properties are worth you looking at and which ones aren’t, and instead focus your time on the properties that you are most interested with. Pick a handful to see each day so that you do not get overwhelmed, and write notes about each property as you view it so that you can discuss them later at your convenience.

Choosing how you are going to move

There are a few different ways to move home. You can either choose to do it all yourself, which is fine if you do not have much stuff and you are only moving around the corner or if you have friends and family members to help you.

Or you can choose a removal company to come in, box everything up and deliver it to your new home. This can be costly, and it is important that you do your research so that you choose the right company for the job.

Or you can do a mixture of the two. Keeping all your precious stuff with you and then hiring the services of an experienced shipping company to move your larger items after you have packed them yourself. This could keep the moving house costs down so that you can put more money into other areas of your move.

Draw up a moving plan

It is a very good idea to draw up a detailed moving plan so that you get all the important jobs done and nothing can get forgotten. These are jobs such as letting suppliers of your home know that you are moving and giving them the address of your new home should you wish them to keep supplying you there.

You can, even your own comfort, arrange to have your grocery shopping delivered to your new address after you arrive there so that you do not have the added hassle of going off down the shops when you have had a tiring day traveling from one state to another.


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