custom teeth

In the past, getting Custom Grillz stuck to your teeth was a risky endeavor. Those old-school methods were super harsh and could easily damage your incisors. But now you can have your custom grillz done safely with no worries!

This guide will show you how to achieve a safe and natural-looking smile makeover, while still having that hot new trend that is sweeping Hollywood: GRILLZ. This article will include preventative measures such as what types of metals to avoid and how not to try making them at home with an iron or glue gun. It’ll also include the quick and easy procedure for removing Grillz from teeth if one doesn’t want them anymore.

How to remove them completely

For those whose last concern is having to deal with Grillz after they have grown in, one definitely will have to eventually deal with it in some capacity if they’re trying to go gray or are one of the few lucky people who can keep them in. For these people, the method would be the same as above, but with a little more force used on the hard metal part of the grillz that inevitably breaks your tooth. A popsicle stick works well for this purpose because of its height.

How to remove them with baking soda and vinegar

For the people who would rather not be bothered with trying to remove Grillz at all, but would rather just have a nice, natural-looking smile, you can try the baking soda and white vinegar for this purpose. This will help to cut down on the amount of damage that occurs when a tooth is forcibly stuck to something, but it won’t hurt your teeth either. Simply mix one teaspoon of baking soda with three teaspoons of white vinegar in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Then, apply this mixture over the grillz on the back of your mouth until it’s completely submerged. Wait until the mixture dries, which can take up to three hours, and remove them with a toothpick.

How to make your own Grillz

If you are one of those people who would rather try to make their own custom Grillz instead of popping into the parlor for it, you’ve come to exactly the right place. For this purpose, one would need a small amount of silver metal for this purpose. Any type of metal will do as long as it’s shiny and not too thick is good, but silver is always the best option for this purpose because it won’t discolor your teeth or cause any negative side effects down the road. You will also need a shoemaker’s awl. This is basically a needle that is used for punching holes in shoes. The final thing you will need is either a freestanding drill bit or a hand drill for this part of the process because you can’t use your regular electric one.

When it comes to the procedure itself, starting from the back teeth, where one has less room to play around with, one must stick the needle through their gums and onto the tooth from behind by pushing about an inch into their mouth. Once it’s through, place a little silver metal on top of the needle and scrape it down into your mouth by scraping while still holding onto it with your other hand. Once it has gone all the way to the front, remove the needle and pull the metal down as much as possible to make sure that it’s flush with your gum line and not sticking out. Then, you can either use a clamp to hold it in place or just your fingers. If you’re using a clamp, you can then use toothpicks to keep track of where one needs to go over again.


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