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Have you ever been to a comedy club or bar and tried their “comedy show” to find out that it was horribly unfunny and the comedians weren’t even funny at all? But you still had fun because everyone was having a good time. Well, regretfully, this isn’t something that will happen when you head into the weekend.

Vegas Comedy is like an epidemic in how it can destroy your vacation. It’s funny because people actually tell jokes in Vegas circles to each other but when they’re done telling jokes they start telling their life stories to make people laugh, which oftentimes turns into work overtime for them once people get hungry for a true laugh. They are so obsessed with being “funny” so they can talk crazy with everyone, but in reality, they are just funny people who are obsessed with being funny.

So here are some tips on how to stop one of the worst forms of entertainment known to man. You will see more people trying to stop or stop themselves from enjoying this craziness than you will actually experience the actual show. If you want to truly laugh like an insane person (and please please let it be out of enjoyment), you must do it on your own time, not at the expense of someone else’s vacation time.

But if you are with people who you trust, here are some tips on how to enjoy the comedy of it all.

  1. Don’t go to a show thinking you will be entertained for the length of the show. If you want to have fun, this is how it works. You have to go in knowing that you will have a good time even if the comedians don’t put on a good show, because if they do put on a good show then everyone will just ruin it for everyone else anyway by talking crazy at the shows expense.
  2. Take plenty of friends with you. It’s the only way to make sure someone else is enjoying it as much as you are, and will help diffuse some of the craziness.
  3. Ignore the advice of everyone telling you that “everyone will be begging to go back to your hotel room or bar after the show.” Yes, they will probably be begging to go back to your hotel room or bar after the show, where they go on every other freaking time they are there, but since this is their vacation time it’s not their business who everyone wants to hang out with for a couple hours afterwards. If they don’t want to do something else with their friends, then let them do something else with their friends. Or maybe they don’t want to do anything with anyone, which is more likely. Maybe they don’t want to do anything with anyone because everyone is starting to get on their nerves, but if you are one of the few who are having fun then there will be no problem.
  4. Wear earplugs. This way you can still enjoy the show even if it sucks and won’t be able to hear all the conversations of why you’re not having fun or how crazy everyone is that night. Just act like you’re deaf or just ignore them anyway because you can’t hear them anyway unless they yell louder than the comedians, which is almost never the case.
  5. Don’t try to save the show. It isn’t a movie and you can’t make a movie. It’s a show and it will only be as good as the comedians tell jokes and entertain, not by how crazy everyone acts at their expense. So don’t do anything to make them feel uncomfortable on stage, because they will feel uncomfortable on stage, which is what they’re paid for!

And if you’re there with your friends who are just as crazy as everyone else? Then just have fun with your friends.


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