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If you regularly use marijuana, there are a few things that are helpful to keep in mind. 

Of course, the ins and outs of the specifics may depend on exactly where you are in the United States (or the world). Legality is different in almost every state, so knowing your local rules and regulations pertaining to the plant is a given. 

Aside from that, here are 6 tips, hints, and factoids to keep in mind as you move from ‘beginner’ weed enthusiast to ‘budding’ weed veteran. 

Let’s dig into it. 

1. It Can Be Expensive

Here’s the thing. 

Some people have a lot of extra cash to spend on stuff like weed, and some people don’t. 

Smoking, if you like it, is a lot of fun. 

In fact, it can be so much fun that it can actually put a pretty big ‘strain’ on your finances. 

Some people manage this really well, and some people don’t. 

What you don’t want to do is ‘smoke away’ the money you need for other things. 

A bit of moderation and self-awareness can go a long way toward helping you to not over-indulge (at least where your wallet is concerned). 

2. People Will Try To Smoke Your Stash

You probably know by now that a lot of your marijuana-using friends fit into one or two different ‘camps.’ 

Some people are cool about this. They don’t ever assume that you’re going to smoke them up. In fact, they’re likely to bring their own over to your house and offer to share it with you. 

That’s generally the ‘better’ type of friend to smoke with. 

Other people, however, can definitely fit into the ‘freeloader’ category. 

These people always seem to find a way to smoke your precious bud without replacing it, contributing, or pitching in. 

These types of friends may be fun to smoke with to a point—but they can get expensive. 

Don’t be afraid to draw the line. 

“Hey man. I’ll smoke you up, but you’re gonna have to throw down some green for it. I’m not made of gold over here.” 

3. Being ‘High’ May Be Different For Different People

Some seasoned smokers get to the point where they’re ‘intimately acquainted’ with what they feel like when they’re high. 

That’s all well and good. 

But sometimes, this also means that they forget that other people don’t always feel the same way. 

For example:

You may feel a certain type of way after hitting the bong a few times. But don’t forget that one rip of what you consider ‘normal’ may blitz someone else out completely. 

4. Strains Don’t Mean Quite As Much As People Say They Do

Some people are strain snobs. 

This is understandable. 

It’s like those people who drink specialty whiskey or smoke special cigars. 

It’s a thing. And yeah, different strains do hit differently. 

But for the most part, getting caught up in the ‘strain race’ at your local dispensary is really only useful if you want to do it. 

Most people are perfectly fine to grab something they know they like, and just chill. 

“Yeah, just give me the second cheapest thing. Let me smell it quick. Yeah, that’s fire. Let’s go with that. I don’t even care what brand it is.” 

5. Keeping Your ‘Gear’ Clean Is Important

You know it’s nasty when people don’t clean their bongs out. 

You know it’s nasty when your pipe is so clogged up with residue that you can taste it when you hit it. 

Keeping stuff clean is important. 

Make it a habit. 

“Dude, I”m not about to hit that nasty bong. Are there tadpoles living in that water? Heck no.” 

6. It’s Easy To Smoke Too Much

No, it’s not necessarily easy to smoke too much that you get too high. (That’s more of a ‘beginner’ thing). 

It’s easy to smoke so much that you spend a bunch of money, only to sit on the couch, eat snacks, and watch cartoons. 

For sure, marijuana is amazing. 

But try not to be so ‘about it’ that you neglect other important things in life. 

The adventure of life shouldn’t be to get high. Getting high should be something you do to enhance the adventure of your life. 


There you have it. 

6 tips that you can keep in mind to get the most out of your marijuana experiences. 

Now, all that’s left is to get out there and try it for yourself. 

Just be responsible!

You’ve got this. 

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