Energy Supply

Utilities like electricity, gas, and water are needed in any modern-day establishment to function seamlessly. Of the listed utilities, electricity and gas have been relatively recent additions when compared with water, which has been running in households and commercial spaces since the Roman eras. The age of the industrial revolution finally saw the marvel of electricity that could be beneficial to the general population.

Understanding the basic concepts of electrical current

The presence of electrical current in nature has been long discussed by ancient philosophers. However, it was during the Renaissance that the formal search for electric current started. Initially, the experiments and researches were based on static electricity. Later they shifted towards discovering the current electricity. We are all aware that the current industry is essentially of two kinds:

  • Direct Current or DC: it is the simplest form of electric current where the electric current flow is unidirectional. The most common example is a battery used to power small appliances like a torch, toys, etc.
  • Alternating Current or AC: It is the form of electric current, which changes the direction of the flow at regular intervals. The power supply that comes from the electric company is the prime example of alternating current.

Favoring Alternating Current

Today, all of the establishments have a defined power supply from a certain company. To choose the nature of supply, one can easily refer to blogs like the Utility Bidder, where detailed descriptions and choices are available. One might wonder what kind of electricity is supplied in our houses and businesses. The answer is simple. Alternating current is unequivocally used for power supply in any kind of establishment.

The main reason that AC is preferred by power suppliers is because of its cheap yet efficient production. Direct current on the other hand has higher production costs thus making it a secondary choice. Moreover, devices that need DC power like laptops, mobile phones, etc. can be easily used in AC supply simply by means of an AC adapter. This flexibility makes AC supply the top choice for power suppliers.

Another factor that makes AC quite lucrative is that the voltage can be controlled easily in an AC Supply when compared to the DC one. This is achieved with the aid of transformers, which is practically not possible with DC Supply. This feature is quite helpful to reduce power loss during electrical transmission from the power plant to substations and finally to the end users’ premises.

It is comparatively a safe option to use because breaking an AC circuit is easier in case there is a surge in the voltage because the amount of current flow literally drops to zero on every half of the cycle. Therefore, installing a circuit breaker is a must when a new electric current supply wiring is getting installed. The alternating feature in AC is quite useful for running motor appliances like fan, mixer grinder, etc.


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