A seamstress is a craftswoman who can create a fashionable masterpiece with ordinary fabric and a few buttons. Men in this profession are called tailors. The job is a noble one and quite in demand by the big clothing lines that make womens silk pyjamas australia, and other fabric worldwide.

The profession of a seamstress came to us from ancient times. First, women connected the skins of killed animals with strings, then a needle and thread appeared, and women’s work became noticeably easier. Only in the 17th century did the first mechanical sewing machine appear; from that moment on, the production of light industry increased.

What does a seamstress do?

The primary duty of a seamstress is to sew finished fabric products. With the help of a seamstress, we get different fabric products. Seamstresses also sew hats, bags, flags, furniture covers, and curtains.

Seamstresses and tailors can also work in the studios, where they are engaged in individual tailoring, design clothing, and repair shops, where they repair fabric products.

Interestingly, in large sewing shops and factories, a seamstress-motorist can perform the same operation for years, for example, sewing a sleeve. But if the seamstress is engaged in the product from beginning to end, for instance, in an individual tailoring studio, her/his responsibilities include the following processes:

  • communication with the client 
  • taking measurements 
  • making patterns for the future product 
  • fabric cutting 
  • setting up sewing equipment 
  • tailoring of a product 
  • designing of clothes.

How much does a seamstress get?

The seamstress’s salary depends on the scope of duties and the rank of the specialist. There are a few categories of seamstresses and tailors: the first and second categories are assigned to schools’ students, but the masters of the best category work with the most responsible and difficult to manufacture products (e.g., outerwear) and receive a high salary.

On average, a seamstress in the US earns 45,000$. This is the median salary according to the data from many vacancies posted on American job boards.

What skills do seamstresses need?

  • Knowledge of the characteristics of different types of fabrics.
  • Ability to use all sewing equipment, including a sewing machine.
  • Developed spatial thinking.
  • Perseverance, loyalty to perform monotonous work.
  • Quick reaction.
  • Neatness, patience.
  • Artistic taste, understanding of the basics of aesthetics, interest in fashion.
  • Ability to find common ground with the client.

Advantages and disadvantages of sewing


  • Higher education is not required. Secondary special education is enough.
  • Early start of the career.
  • There are career prospects.
  • Profitable profession: the ability to sew clothes for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Demand for specialists.
  • High wages (due to shortage of professionals).
  • Opportunity to unleash your creative potential.
  • You can open your own studio.


  • Monotonous and often boring work.
  • Problems with the back, knees, vision due to the peculiarities of work.
  • Possible injuries. 
  • Working in factories involves a heavy workload of workers and constant noise.

How popular are seamstresses?

Since the seamstress profession today, to put it mildly, is not at the peak of popularity, there are still many places where seamstresses and tailors can work (factories, studios, etc.), so specialists are in demand. Experienced seamstresses are especially essential, but recent graduates can also apply for good positions. Find your job as a seamstress on the Jooble website.


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