Card counting is a form of advantage playing in Blackjack. However, experts advise you to avoid this strategy. Click here to see why. 

Card Counting: Casino Strategies That Can Get You Into Trouble

People always look for ways to beat the system. Although all players accept the advantage house has over them, many try to alter the math in their favor, especially in games like Blackjack or Poker, where players can use their skills to take control over the competition. Card counting is one of the most popular strategies. People write books about it and discuss it on the internet. You’ll find various people all over the Web advocating the tactic and promising big profits if you implement this unique system. However, experienced players advise gambling novices against counting cards while playing Blackjack. Have you ever stopped to wonder why this is the case? Are these punters simply selfish and looking to eliminate the potential competition? Or maybe this system isn’t perfect, as some want you to believe. Read on, as you’ll find out why you should avoid counting cards and make a decision for yourself. 

Is It Worth It

Learning the skill of counting cards is exceptionally challenging. Otherwise, everyone would use it. However, it is far from impossible. If you wish to apprehend this unique skill, you must invest a lot of time and patience. Eventually, you would be able to master this strategy, which includes:

  • Keeping track of the number of ten-point cards,
  • Comparing the lower point cards number. 

Admittedly, it may seem simple at first glance, keep in mind there are dozens of card counting systems. Moreover, mastering only one and implementing it under pressure can be more complicated than it looks. Simply put, you have to count, but also to remember the count. Only then would you be able to apply it to the game itself. 

But, what about the trade-off?

Learning the complicated math behind casino gambling can take years to fathom, and when you finally achieve your goal, there will be more problems you have to cope with. Bear in mind many outside factors can affect your result. Counting cards isn’t technically illegal. Regardless, casinos frown upon this practice, meaning that becoming a counting guru can get you blacklisted at most venues. Consequently, the casino can place a slow dealer at your table or simply ask you to leave. Such cases can make you question the benefit of having a skill you’re unable to use. 

There Are No Guarantees

Even if you’re the best card counter, you can’t rely on a guaranteed win. The house has an advantage over players, which goes between 1%-2%. The best counters can swing chances to their favor between 0.5% to 1% only. 

Although you can spend the entire game focusing on counting cards, the deck may never say in your favor. Thus, all of your efforts would be for nothing—the usual win rate while card counting is around 50/50. 

Time-Restricted When Counting

Casinos put focus on card counters. Now, gambling establishments have more experience with advantaged players. Dealers also have special training designed to recognize card counters’ behavior. Hence, implementing this tactic while gambling at a casino will not provide you with many benefits. Especially considering the fact casinos nowadays react much quicker. Therefore, you risk being escorted outside of the venue or, even worse – banned by more casinos. Ultimately, you’ll be left to find other ways to kill your boredom online. 

You’ll Stay Short On Comp Points

As you already know, gambling operators look for different ways to make people bet more. That said, casinos offer regular players a chance to become Vip members. They do that by offering various rewards and comp points for each bet you make. Players typically love these rewards as they can give them more chances to win, or at least more time at the table. 

On the other side of the coin, you risk being exposed if you stick to one casino while card counting. As such, you can lose your right to claim comp points and exchange them for chips. Consequently, you can lose your potential rewards, not to mention your favorite casino. 

You Can Receive A Ban

It is not uncommon for casinos to cooperate on many levels. If you have your favorite casino, counting cards may put you further away from it. Moreover, as operators communicate, you may get additional bans. As a result, other venues may forbid you from playing on their ground and treat legal actions if they catch you on their property. 

Counting Cards Alternatives

Although tempting, taking such an advantage over casinos isn’t that lucrative as it may seem at first glance. Try looking at it from a different perspective. Instead of investing too much of your time developing such skills, try using other benefits and profit from gambling. In other words, you can always try different strategies and tactics that can help you master the game. Then, try to find an online casino with the best offer and exploit that to your benefit. Many casinos nowadays offer various perks, which you can use to make more significant wins. So, instead of learning card counting, try selecting the operator with the best bonus structures. Here are our top picks. 

BitKingz Casino

The platform is home to more than 4,000 casino games. Moreover, you can enjoy playing your favorite features on the go, thanks to the downloadable app. Furthermore, the casino has fast and reliable customer support available 24/7. Also, the operator has especially designed bonuses for high-rollers and the most loyal punters. 

Gslot Casino 

The operator has a massive library of games with more than 6,000 different titles. Moreover, some of the most eminent game providers stand behind this casino’s library. Furthermore, punters love Gslot as it offers a generous bonus structure. That said, this casino has a Vip program that rewards your loyalty. You can expect many lucrative rewards by playing and depositing on this platform regularly.

SlotWolf Casino

This casino holds one of the most eminent licenses- the MGA. Also, the platform stands out with a unique welcome bonus that rewards all newly registered players. Moreover, with this casino, you can expect lucrative rewards and fair wagering requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Players scale mountains of obstacles in their quest to find a way to reduce the house edge. As a result, you can find many tactics online that can help you enhance your skills and results. However, some of these strategies are more beneficial than others. Card counting can come as a valuable skill. Moreover, it can help you win more in the long term, but it’s not a rule, as many things can go sideways. However, it is also a strategy that is not favorable among the casinos. As a result, you can end up wasting too much time acquiring the skill with little to no effect, plus getting banned from your favorite casino. Instead, we suggest you pick a trustworthy casino and use some of the offered benefits, and you’ll notice the first results in no time.

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