All-Star Tower Defense is an online tower defense game by Roblox. Players have to safeguard their tower using different characters from animes and mangas like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Demon Slayer. Here, you can discover a variety of anime characters in this game. Players have to move forward in the game and appear on the leaderboard for Infinite Mode. Players need gems and gold to complete objectives and level up in the game. You can also use summons to unlock new characters in the game.

Players can play this tower defense game on Roblox’s official website. Then, you can look for All-Star Tower Defense game on the site. Players also get the information regarding this game on the official Discord group and Twitter account. There are astd codes that help the players level up in the game. In this article, you can check the details of All-Star Tower defense codes:

About All-Star Tower Defense Codes

The ASTD codes are best for getting freebies in the game. You can use these codes to get gems, gold, and rare towers in this game. Also, players can use these items to summon new characters in All-Star Tower Defense. Also, these characters vary in rarity, and they operate under a gacha system. You will get currency and characters in this game fast by using the codes. There are many ways to get these codes for this game. The developers of ASTD publish the codes on the ASTD Discord server or the ASTD Twitter account. There are no specific timings for the release of ASTD codes. 

Also, third-party websites publish all-star tower defense codes. Here, you can find working and expired codes for this video game. If these codes do not work, try to copy and paste them to recheck. All-Star Tower Defense codes are published and updated fast. So, players have to check them as soon as possible. Below, you can check some codes for this tower defense game:

Working ASTD Codes

allstarspring—Redeem for 450 Gems  

newaprilupdate—Redeem for 450 Gems 

astd1millikes—Redeem for 1.25k Gems

NavyXFlame130kNoLeak—Redeem for an Ultra Rare reward

congratulations2kingluffy300ksubscribersonyoutube300k—Redeem for a Mega-Rare character

Expired ASTD Codes

ultramove—Redeem for an Ultra Capsule

superwoop—Redeem for 400 Gems

1mgroupmembers—Redeem for 800 Gems and 800 Gold

themadao—Redeem for 1000 Gems, 750 Gold, and 1 EXP IV

ASTDDevs—Redeem for 500 gems, 500 gold, EXP IV 

world2ishere—Redeem for 500 Gold and 300 Gems

world2comingsoon—Redeem code for 250 Gold and 250 Gems

winterbreakwhen—Redeem for 250 Gems and 250 Gold 

KingLuffyFan200k—Redeem for Ultra Rare King Ruffy 

SUBTOBLAMSPOT100kBOA—Redeem for reward

december2021—Redeem for 500 Gold and 300 Gems 

thecityofangels—Redeem for 250 Gems and 250 Gold

igot2look—Redeem for 250 Gems, 250 Gold

eatlotsonthanksgiving—Redeem for 300 Gems and 500 Gold

gamebreakingvisits101—Redeem for 250 Gems 

theotheronecode—Redeem for 250 Gems 

lesgolesgoyuuh—Redeem for 150 Gems 

supertime—Redeem for 150 Gems 

yellowsix—Redeem for 150 gems 

likeapartyonthelist—Redeem code for 150 Gems 

1bvisit1b—Redeem code for 1,000 Gems  

handsoftime—Redeem code for 2 EXP IIIs

Process To Redeem All-Star Tower Defense Codes

Anyone can redeem All-Star Tower Defense codes. It does not require a lengthy process to use these codes to get gems, gold, and more. Below, you can check how you can redeem the codes for the All-Star Tower Defense game:

  1. You have to login into the game and look for the gear symbol near the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. You have to click on this symbol and enter the working code in the text box.
  3. You will get your free rewards if the code works for you. 


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