There was a time when a freestanding kitchen used to be the only choice. The kitchens before World War II had everything portable and freestanding. You can think of movable storage cabinets, tables, fridges, stoves, etc. Only the sink had a fixed place because of the plumbing. Things started changing from the 1940s, and after the 1950s, stock cabinets became a common sight. Walls worked as anchors for their backsides as the units ran along the line. You no more had freestanding cabinets. In most modern kitchens, they became what you find – the boxed body with finished fronts attached to walls while standing on the floor.

Any kitchen with freestanding furniture became the subject of criticism for its unfashionable looks. Some found them impractical too. The 21st century is harking back to the old style. It started with kitchen islands, mostly a fixed structure, but stood separately in the center. Some homeowners are shifting to the old concept for its flexibility to rearrange kitchen furniture according to their layout needs. So if you want to indulge in a pre-war aesthetic, you can make a freestanding kitchen theme the mainstay of your décor for a rustic charm. Here are some design hints to make your job easy.

Choose what you delight

You can accentuate the traditional cook-style kitchen by incorporating a pantry. These can have hideaway storage systems for toasters and kettles so your worktop can be clutter-free. The inside of the pantry can be a marble surface where you can prep food. Do you have an old Welsh dresser? You can leverage this design for your purpose. The shelves can hold your chosen kitchenware, and cupboards can store other things. You can extend open shelves and plate racks to take advantage of the freestanding storage concept. For a classic look, wood can be the perfect material. However, stainless steel can be better for industrial feel and ease of maintenance.

If you desire more workspace, you can introduce a portable kitchen island. Something with wheels can also be a good addition. Some useful accessories can be cutting boards, towel rails, wine racks, etc.

Embrace the country cottage charm

If you live in a cottage-style house, you can immensely benefit from the freestanding kitchen cabinet ideas as they can smoothly fit into an awkward angle and uneven wall. In the surroundings of timber beams and stone walls, the use of antique wood with a dated patina look can be fabulous. A farmhouse sink in a rustic kitchen can go well. 

Highlight textures

Making a versatile kitchen with freestanding units can be the easiest thing. You can think about adding entertainment space with a fancy appearance. With this, the Oakwood kitchen island and drinks cabinet can give a sense of old farmhouse ambiance.

Get a butcher’s block table

In your kitchen, you cut different types of fruits, vegetables, and non-veg items regularly. For this task, you require a naturally durable, anti-bacterial, and affordable surface. Butcher’s block can look after your need effortlessly. You can introduce a butcher’s block table in your freestanding kitchen to get that extra room for preparation. You can push it against a wall or keep it close to bar stools. The humble piece of furniture will take any form to fulfill your wish. If you have an old butcher’s block, you can refurbish it with new paint to match the look of the kitchen cabinets. For example, you can color it in sage green if it is the central theme of your room. 

Go contemporary a little

Reclaimed industrial furniture can do justice to any traditional or modern décor. No matter what you have on your mind, you can depend on it to offer substance to your space. You can use a combination of modern and antique things also. If it doesn’t click, you can move them around to attempt other creative ideas. When talking about old and new, some homeowners combine upcycled freestanding units with stocked cabinets. It can be great to refresh your old dresser with contrasting chalky paint for visual interest.

Try minimalism

Your urban sense may not permit you to go overboard with things. The old homes had freestanding kitchens, which imparted a rustic feel. You can enjoy the best of both worlds while paying attention to your essential requirement. You can achieve this if you choose simplicity over frills. A simple dresser or island, minimal color scheme, and other such choices can be effective.

Explore wall-mount storage

Old homes had high ceilings. If your house has this, you can utilize the wall space to mount cabinets. It will free up the floor area, giving your kitchen a neat appearance.

Make use of the awkward corners

An old cottage home tends to have many nooks, which can quickly become dead space. In your freestanding kitchen, you can choose those spots for small cupboards or a tall dresser. You can color these furniture pieces to match the overall color code for a cohesive appearance. 

Things to consider about freestanding kitchen styles

The reasons behind choosing this type of interior design can be the flexibility of the layout, easy maintenance, and classic appeal. But the main challenge is the selection of products for such settings. You may not get enough options in the market for such themes. Also, the freestanding furniture can be expensive, unless you plan to use old ones.

Designing a kitchen can be a lot of fun. With various themes, it has become easier to adapt it to any form and shape. Whether you like your place modern, rustic, or something else, you can create the right vibe with the proper selection of items. If you know what you desire but cannot express it through choices, you can ask your contractor for help. They can figure your exact expectations and make your kitchen ready the way you want. Kitchen renovation is never easy. It can be time and money-consuming work. However, once done, you can bask in its beauty for a long time. You can enjoy working in your cooking zone more than before.


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