Johns Island is a big island in South Carolina. It is famous as the fastest-growing community in Charleston County. Also, it is bordered by the Stono and Kiawah Rivers. One-third of Johns Island is in the city limits of Charleston. It has a population of 21,500 people. There are many reasons why its popularity is increasing among home buyers. 

Here, houses are covered by beautiful live oak trees. Johns Island is the place for relaxation and various outdoor adventures. The filming of the movie The Notebook also happened on this Island. You can also discover Johns Island homes for sale. If you plan to move to Johns Island, you are at the right place. In this article, you can check various details about Johns Island:

History Of Johns Island

Johns Island got its name from Saint John Parish in Barbados. During the colonial era(1670–1776), this Island was populated by nomadic tribes of Native Americans like the Kiawah. They were surviving through hunting and farming. The main crop that was produced here was indigo. After that, the American Revolutionary War came on Johns Island in 1779. Johns Island was the establishment of British troops during the Revolutionary War.  

Also, Johns Island is famous for the Battle of Bloody Bridge. It occurred on this Island in July 1864. The location of this civil war is off River Road. Johns Island is also home to the Angel Oak Tree, and it is around 300-400 years old.

Why Is Johns Island A Good Place To Live?

There are multiple reasons to live on Johns Island. Here, people can feel relaxed in gorgeous surroundings. Here, you can find the 400-500 years old tree named Angel Oak Tree. This oldest tree provides shadow to many people. Also, tourists love to take pictures near the Angel Oak Tree. You can also find the best vacation residences near this stunning tree. Here, people can discover plenty of eagles, wild turkeys, hawks, owls, egrets, ducks, and herons. Also, you can find oysters, shrimp, shellfish, and dolphins in abundance. Johns Island is also famous for its farms. Here, people produce tomatoes and other agricultural products.  

People also participate in water activities like boating, fishing, and sailing on Johns Island. Also, you can discover various golf courses, resorts, and restaurants. Johns Island is also famous for local craft breweries like Low Tide Brewing Company and restaurants like Tattooed Moose. Here, you can enjoy a great atmosphere with your friends. Five public schools and three private schools are present on Johns Island.  

Buying A Home In Johns Island

There has been an increase in the population of Johns Island in recent years. Also, many people buy homes on this Island to enjoy the natural beauty, relaxed environment, great food, various activities, and much more. People get the comfort of living just 15 minutes from downtown Charleston.

Also, people get amenities such as community pools, a dock, walking trails, and a clubhouse. There are affordable homes available for families on Johns Island. You can contact a trusted Johns Island SC real estate expert if you plan to move here.


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