The current stage in the development of mankind is seen as the era of the emergence and development of the information society. Huge arrays of diverse information are available to the public. In addition, modern Internet technology allows you to receive any information at any time. In these conditions, the ability to find the necessary information in different sources and critically rethink it, which, in turn, leads to the formation of basic knowledge. 

Critical thinking is a way of thinking that helps to navigate in the information environment to learn about yourself and the world around you.

Why Critical Thinking and Toning Up Brain Is Important

People who think critically try to live rationally, intelligently. Critical thinking is a basic, hygienic necessity to lead productive life, especially in the moment of crisis. You can use rational tools offered by critical thinking: concepts and principles that will allow them to analyze, evaluate and improve thinking. The development of critical thinking helps:

  1. Formulate questions and problems clearly. It may sound like a scratch, but you can only reach the most clarity via writing.
  2. Collect and evaluate the necessary information, using abstract ideas, interpret information and effectively make sound conclusions, making a follow-up with appropriate criteria and standards;
  3. Objectively consider alternative opinions, recognitions and assessments and also interact effectively with others in solving complex problems. Here, writing again may play a big role. 

The formation of critical thinking is realized in the process of problem formulation, problem solving, creative work, projects. By analyzing and comparing alternative points of view, students find their own solution to the problem, supporting it with solid evidence.

How to Use Writing to Help Your Brain

Here, we won’t give you any direct promises like “if you write N pages a day your IQ will grow to N points a month.” It is hardly possible to count and we would recommend you to stay away from any tips that include such promises. Here, we will give you information about your brain and how it can be positively affected by writing and let you decide. 

  • Writing tickles the brain in the right place. With the help of functional magnetic resonance imaging, scientists have clearly proved that writing by hand makes the areas of the brain that are responsible for working memory, spatial functions, and the ability to switch “move”. Handwriting is a complex activity that is involved in the development of the human brain. Pressing the keys does not give such a developing effect. By the way, in some countries today, when teaching, they gradually begin to abandon writing by hand. But in this case, according to the expert, it is necessary to think over an alternative that will compensate for all the disadvantages of such a decision.
  • Writing is a battery for your brain. According to the expert, writing by hand not only maintains a good level of work of many functions of the cortex, but also has a beneficial effect on the deep mechanisms of the brain. It is known that fine motor skills have a positive effect on the reticular formation of the brain, and this is a kind of battery that maintains the efficiency of the entire brain.
  • Writing (even on an iPad) can help with early diagnostics. Australian scientists have proposed an unusual way to detect Parkinson’s disease in the early stages. Since the ability to write and draw is one of the first patients to suffer, they have created an accurate diagnostic test for which a tablet is sufficient.
  • Freewriting helps with anxiety and stress-levels. Thoughts that find no way out form a cycle. There is a blockage in thinking. You constantly think about the same thing. Solutions to problems are either the same, or do not come to mind at all. Freewriting will help clear the congestion. This modern technique for finding creative solutions pulls out the most unexpected ideas and answers from the subconscious. You can join the ranks of freewriters right now. Take a notebook with a pen or open a document on a computer. Write the first thing that comes to mind. If suddenly there are no words left, write: “My vocabulary is over.” You can pour out all the feelings that weigh on you. You will open the stream of consciousness and understand what you really desire.

Why Thinking Better Is Not Alway Equal to Writing Better?

Unfortunately, thinking right and doing right are not the same things. Also, it is difficult to develop your brain just to do some specific actions which are not manual. It means that you can teach your brain and your hands to do something manually much better through short-term repetition, but you cannot just develop your brain in different ways and expect it to immediately help you improve your scores for academic writing. All types of bricks have been given a bob work for helping your brain develop and stay alert in the long run. If you need to concentrate right now and write a quality paper to be submitted on time, you should focus on this local and urgent task. If you are not sure that you know how to do it on your own or you just don’t have enough energy for that, address a professional custom writing service such as Here, you will find experienced essay writers who know how to address such situations right away. You will receive a quality written paper that you use as a sample and learn a lot from it. Real world of professional work delegating tasks he’s a future, you cannot do all the work by yourself at the needed level of quality. If you make your brain too tired, you should not expect some good work from it even if you prepare it well before it happens.

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