Are you a fan of the popular game known as Shillong Teer, eager to stay updated with the live results as they come in? For enthusiastic players of this traditional archery game from Meghalaya, India, it is important to keep track of the latest outcomes to assess their chances and make informed decisions. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Shillong Teer, discuss the significance of live results, and provide you with insights on how to stay updated in real-time.

Understanding Shillong Teer

Shillong Teer is a traditional game that originated in Meghalaya, where participants place their bets on numbers between 0 and 99. The game is split into two rounds: the first round involves archers shooting arrows at a target, and the second round determines the winning number based on the total number of arrows hitting the target.

Every day except Sunday, the game takes place in a specified location in Shillong. Participants eagerly await the results, as they can win substantial amounts by accurately predicting the winning numbers. Over the years, Shillong Teer has gained immense popularity not only in Meghalaya but also across India.

Importance of Live Results

In the world of Shillong Teer, where luck and probability intertwine, staying updated with live results is crucial for players. Here are a few reasons why live results are significant:

Instant Feedback

Live results provide players with immediate feedback on the outcomes of the game. By knowing the results in real-time, players can assess their chances, adjust their strategies, and make informed decisions for future bets.

Transparency and Trust

Live results enhance the transparency of the game and build trust among the players. When outcomes are shared promptly, it eliminates any doubts about the fairness of the process and instills confidence in the integrity of the game.

Thrill and Excitement

For many players, the excitement of Shillong Teer lies in the unpredictability of the results. Accessing live updates adds to the thrill of the game, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for participants.

How to Stay Updated with Live Shillong Teer Results

Now that we understand the significance of live results in Shillong Teer, it’s essential to know how to stay updated with the latest outcomes. Here are some effective ways to ensure you are always in the loop:

1. Online Websites and Portals

Numerous websites and portals dedicated to Shillong Teer provide live updates of the results. By bookmarking these websites or following them on social media, you can receive instantaneous notifications when the results are announced.

2. Mobile Applications

There are various mobile applications specifically designed to deliver live Shillong Teer results to users. These apps often send push notifications, ensuring that you never miss out on any important updates.

3. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent sources for real-time Shillong Teer results. Many official pages and groups regularly share the outcomes, allowing participants to stay informed and connected.

4. Teer Counters

If you are in Meghalaya or have contacts in the region, visiting Teer counters or communicating with local players can provide you with immediate updates on the results. This direct method can be particularly useful for those seeking firsthand information.

5. Television Channels

Certain regional television channels in Meghalaya broadcast live Shillong Teer results. Tuning in to these channels at the designated times can keep you updated with the outcomes while enjoying the visual appeal of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Shillong Teer Results

Q1: What time are the Shillong Teer results announced?

A: The results for Shillong Teer are typically announced in two rounds, with the first round outcomes declared around 3:30 PM and the second round results around 4:30 PM.

Q2: Can players access previous Shillong Teer results?

A: Yes, previous Shillong Teer results are often archived on various websites and portals, allowing players to review past outcomes for reference.

Q3: Are there any authentic mobile apps for live Shillong Teer results?

A: Yes, there are several reliable mobile applications available on both Android and iOS platforms that provide live updates on Shillong Teer results.

Q4: Is it legal to participate in Shillong Teer from states outside Meghalaya?

A: While the game is legal in Meghalaya, participants from other states should check the legal regulations regarding gambling and betting activities in their respective regions.

Q5: How can one verify the authenticity of live Shillong Teer results?

A: It is advisable to rely on official websites, trusted portals, and authentic social media pages to verify the accuracy and authenticity of live Shillong Teer results.

By staying updated with live Shillong Teer results through the suggested channels and understanding the nuances of the game, players can elevate their gaming experience and make well-informed decisions. Embrace the thrill of this traditional archery game and let the live results guide you towards a rewarding journey in the world of Shillong Teer.


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