Many people love Canada. It is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape, and it has amazing scenery, iconic sports teams, delicious food, and friendly people. If you know someone who loves Canada, some of the best gifts you can give them are Canadian gift baskets. You can also find unique presents that are sure to put a smile on their faces. Take a look at the top six gifting tips and ideas for people who love Canada. 

1. A Trip to Canada

If your budget allows it, one of the best gifts you can give a person who loves Canada is a trip to Canada. You can choose their favourite spot and book the flight and the hotel. You can even include activities if you want to. This is a great option for someone special who can’t get enough of Canada. You can give them a trip to remember, no matter which part of the country you send them to. 

2. Tim Hortons Coffee

Tim Hortons coffee is called Tim’s or Timmies by the locals. It is the most popular place for coffee, donuts, and other food, and Canadians love it. You can get a package of ground coffee, and your loved one can enjoy their coffee from Timmies anytime they like. They have different types of coffee, including decaffeinated options. They can brew their delicious coffee at home whenever they crave it. You can even send them a gift card so that they can choose their own coffee.

3. Canadian Cookbook

If you are giving a gift to someone who loves cooking, you can find a cookbook full of Canadian recipes. There are different types of Canadian cookbooks available, so you can choose standard Canadian favourites or lesser known recipes from specific regions. For example, the food served in the Rocky Mountains is different from what you get on the Atlantic Coast. Canada is a large, diverse country with all kinds of delicious food, so you have a lot of options when you are choosing a cookbook. 

4. Canadian Gift Baskets

Some of the most perfect presents for people who love Canada are Canadian gift baskets from stores like Baskits. You can choose a gift basket with Canadian ice wine, chocolates, cheese, and crackers, which will delight anyone. You can also choose food baskets, coffee baskets, spa gifts, and more. It is easy to customize your gift and have it delivered from door to door. A gift basket makes someone feel special, especially if you have chosen what goes inside. It shows that you put thought into it, and it is a useful gift that people will enjoy. 

5. Canadian Pyjamas

One of the most recognizable Canadian patterns is red and black checkered plaid. Canadians don’t wear it all of the time, but it is still common. You can buy pyjamas in this pattern, and they will be comfortable, soft, and great for any cool evening. The pattern is distinctly Canadian, and it is well known as an iconic Canadian gift. If you want to do more, you can give them a matching blanket. Canada is known for cold winters, and wool blankets are popular. You can get one in the red and black plaid. 

6. Maple Leaf Necklace

Everyone knows that the maple leaf is iconic for Canadians, and you can find a necklace that shows it off. This is a great gift for a woman who loves Canada because they can show it off. Find one with a maple leaf pendant, or you can choose another type of gift. You can find delicious maple syrup as well, which is a favourite for many.


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